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       As a MoroccoTour Guide with over 20 years experience showing travelers our beautiful country. I can assure you that the best way to experience Morocco is through the eyes of an insightful local expert.                                             When you book with Morocco Guide Services, we match you with a dedicated guide who hails from the very destinations on your itinerary. More than just translators or drivers, we are passionate about sharing our homeland in a meaningful way that fosters deeper understanding between cultures.                                                                                                                                  Through my networks built during a lifetime residing in Morocco, I can offer guests privileged access beyond tourist brochures. Staying in family-run guesthouses, joining festivals few outsiders witness, and breaking bread in the homes of friends – these are the opportunities that leave lasting impressions through immersive cultural exchange.                                                     Whether trekking Atlas valleys or navigating bustling souqs, my wealth of destination knowledge helps craft an enriching journey at any pace. With a variety of specialists covering diverse interests, you can relax knowing your passions will be fully catered to from desert adventures to hammam experiences.                                                                                                                        So I invite you to experience Morocco not as a superficial tourist, but as honored friends learning from local experts like me. There is no better perspective than that of residents who hold this kingdom’s beating heart.

Meet Abdellatif Bougoula

Abdellatif Bougoula, Morocco Tour Guide born and raised near the enchanting city of Marrakech, I have spent my life immersing myself in the rich culture of my beloved Morocco. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in English from Kadi Ayyad University where I studied the Language and shared my passion for storytelling, I went on to teach English for several years before receiving my Tour Guide License in 1997, allowing me to professionally craft custom experiences for visitors and uncover Morocco’s hidden treasures. For over 27 years I have been designing meticulously planned itineraries tailored to each traveler’s interests, pacing abilities and budget whether for scenic mountain escapes or coastal relaxation, ensuring unforgettable cultural discoveries beyond sights through introductions to local artisans, joining festivities and tasting traditional flavors, using my University background and natural storytelling talents to transport guests to each destination’s heart. Travelers overwhelmingly praise my energetic enthusiasm and dedication to forming lifelong memories through meaningful interactions and authentic immersion, as I continuously refine intimate tours with constructive feedback to help more people experience Moroccan kindness, beauty, and heritage. When possible I also volunteer my time and education for cultural preservation projects. Now more than ever my passion shines as your guide amongst Morocco’s splendors, contact me or book one of my tours to uncover origins through the passionate pathways of an expert pathfinder and provide a genuine travel experience beyond any guidebook, ensuring you feel welcomed to discover this vibrant slice of the colorful Kingdom I am honored to call home.

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